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Providing high quality merch to streaming and gaming communities is what we do.  Our hands off approach leaves you more time to stream or develop.  We will handle the merch for you.  With in-house design teams on hand and personal support from our team, merch doesn’t have to be difficult.


The Gamer Lobby was created in 2020 to bring Gamer Merch to gaming audiences.  It quickly became apparent that what people wanted was somewhere reliable that they could get their own merch created for their communities.  With this, The Gamer Lobby merch program was launched for streamers who simply didn’t have time to deal with it themselves.  We hand picked streamers we wanted to work with and brought them into the fold by becoming a part of their communities.
In May 2021, The Gamer Lobby partnered with Marbles On Stream to begin offering the Official Marbles On Stream Marble Fest event merchandise.  These events brought us even closer to the eyes of streamers worldwide and before long, we had streamers requesting their merch to be held at The Gamer Lobby.

Running An Event?

Give us notice and let us know what you want to achieve from your merch sales and we can work with you to create a limited time merch line.  Let us know when you want it to go live and when you want it to go dark and we will do the rest.  It’s never been easier to run a exclusive merch line.

Your Own Merch

Our affiliates are allowed to list items of merch on our Streamer Merch section as part of our program (restrictions apply).  We tell you the minimum selling price, you set the final price.  Earn your 10% on every sale of your merch.
Choose from a wide range of merch options including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, jackets and many more!

Get started

Become an affiliate for The Gamer Lobby and earn 10% commission on all sales you refer and also gain the ability to list up to 16 items of merch on the Streamer Merch section of The Gamer Lobby.

$500 total merch sales

Upgrade your merch by requesting a personal page link e.g. /yourtwitchname and add up to 32 items to it.

$1000 Total merch sales

List up to 80 merch items on your personal page and gain a comprehensive stats page for your merch page including items sold in previous periods and visits to your page.


Types of Merch

Event Merch

Are you going to an event where you will be selling to members of the public?  We can sort out a bulk order deal to take with you and then support with back orders for any sizes and colours you don’t have with you.

Streamer Merch

Streaming to a community of people who want to support you in the big wide world?  Give them the choice of merch.  Simply join our discord and talk to us about options and we can have one of our in-house designers (or your own) assist you to create some awesome designs.

Company Merch

Sometimes, the thing standing in the way of great companies and great games having their own merch line is the time it takes to manage it.  Let us run your Official merch line for your company and we will deal with the product, the customer service, the shipping and even work with you to run events.  Leaving you to do what you do best, run your company.

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Gamer Lobby

If you want to work with us, simply register and one of our team will manually approve your application.  Then join our Discord server where we will create you an onboarding room with us and our designers for you to discuss your wants and needs.  Merch has never been easier.

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