Hitman 3 Murder Mystery Guide: How To Find Every Clue In Dartmoor

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Gaming

There’s a lot going on in Dartmoor, the second mission of Hitman 3. As usual, your job as Agent 47 is to sneak into a location–this time, a huge English mansion–and assassinate a target. But when you arrive at the mansion in Dartmoor, you discover that another murder has already taken place. You even get a chance to solve it if you steal the clothes of a certain private investigator, which opens up a few special opportunities to get close to your target.

Solving the mystery requires you to do some actual detective work, though. You have to track down clues, interview suspects, and verify alibis. The clues themselves can be a little tricky, as they include a combination of items you pick up and items you scan with your camera. Finding all the clues gives you three different options you can present when you finally share your findings with the mansion’s owner, giving you chances to manipulate the situation.

Here’s the location of every clue in the Dartmoor mansion and how to find it. Note that clues you need to scan with your camera can be tough to find, since they’re not highlighted in Instinct vision and are only highlighted through the camera viewfinder when you’re very close to them. Use the Camera icons on the map and minimap to track these down.

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