Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough – Carpathian Mountains (Untouchable)

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Gaming

Hitman 3 caps off the journey with a mission that’s quite out of the ordinary for the series. Carpathian Mountains (Untouchable) takes on a more linear design, leaving you little room to work with and fewer options for clever methods–think of it more as an epilogue mission to tie up the story’s loose ends. While it may be straightforward, it can still be challenging, so we’ll walk you through it in case you need some pointers.

For your first time in this mission, you’ll start with Agent 47’s flashbacks and visions followed by walking up in a secluded test lab. You won’t have any items to start with and you have no guidance since there are no Missions Stories to follow, similar to how Berlin, Apex Predator started. But fret not, this one’s not as complex or free-roaming as Berlin. Take note that every NPC is fair game in this mission and you will actually be rewarded with XP for every kill.

If you need help with any previous missions in case you want to complete leftover Mission Stories or knock out every assassination challenge, be sure to check out our full Hitman 3 guides and walkthroughs hub.

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