Xbox Series X|S Has Record-Setting Launch, But Microsoft Expects Shortages To Continue

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Gaming

Microsoft’s Xbox business is booming, and this includes huge numbers for revenue, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live users, and console sales, the company said during an earnings call.

Xbox Game Pass is one of Microsoft’s key strategies for next-gen, and the subscription service now has 18 million subscribers, which is up from 15 million that was announced in September. The addition of 3 million subscribers might be lower than some might have imagined, considering the holidays and other factors, but this might have been related to how Xbox Series X|S consoles have been and continue to be hard to find due to sell-outs around the world.

Despite that, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the Xbox Series X|S consoles enjoyed a strong start. Microsoft sold more Xbox Series X and S consoles during their launch month than any previous Xbox console over the same time frame, the executive said. There isn’t a perfect comparison to any previous generation, as this is the first time that Microsoft launched two new Xbox models at launch instead of just one.

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