Anthem’s Fate Will Reportedly Be Decided This Week

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Gaming

Electronic Arts will decide the fate of Anthem in the near future, according to a report. The publisher will supposedly make a call on whether the campaign to reboot Anthem after its disappointing launch is still worth the effort or if it should be scrapped altogether.

According to Bloomberg, EA executives plan to review the latest version of Anthem this week. The project to revamp Anthem is currently being worked on by 30 people, but developer BioWare supposedly needs closer to 90 in order to finish reworking Anthem’s original gameplay and also add new content. So EA has to decide whether to invest that time and resources.

Anthem had a rocky launch–the game released with bugs that crashed PS4s, a section of the campaign that required unenjoyable farming, an update that briefly broke the game, and an unsatisfying loot acquisition loop. BioWare has been attempting to overhaul Anthem in hopes of a successful comeback, similar to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV.

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