Adam Sessler And Kevin Pereira Are Back At G4

by | Feb 14, 2021 | Gaming

When G4 returns later this year, it will be in more than just name. Original X-Play host Adam Sessler and Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira are both coming along for the ride, and their shows will be back, too.

They’re joining a group of new hosts that includes WWE superstar Xavier Woods, and you can expect to see many classic G4 segments when the shows are revived. In a press release, Adam Sessler specifically mentioned his “Sessler’s Soapbox” segment making a return, as well as opinions on the latest gaming news and, of course, reviews. We give that news a five … out of five.

Sessler had been unceremoniously fired from the network in 2013, later joining the site Rev3Games before then doing consulting and strategy for media. According to Sessler, he was never given a reason for his termination, but it looks like things were smoothed over. He also got to laugh at Esquire Network’s expense, referencing the originally planned closure of G4 and replacement by Esquire Network–it ended up not working out that way, but Esquire Network itself is now defunct, too.

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