Apex Legends Is Getting A Comic That Will Affect In-Game Dialogue

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Gaming

Dark Horse is publishing an Apex Legends comic. According to Respawn, not only will the series be canon, it will affect Apex Legends’ in-game dialogue too.

In a tweet, Apex Legends lead writer Tom Casiello says that the upcoming comic will be canon, is scripted by Jesse Stern (lead writer of Titanfall and Titanfall 2), will affect in-game dialogue, and will detail events that will have ramifications on the individual stories of Apex Legends’ characters.

The comic is called Apex Legends: Overtime and tells a story about how all 16 of Apex Legends’ playable characters come together for a common goal, according to IGN. The legends band together to save a city from mad scientists, brutal assassins, and the Syndicate–the latter of which is the group responsible for controlling the Apex Games.

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