Behold, Horizon Zero Dawn Running At 72p

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Gaming

In the course of testing the notorious GeForce GT 710 ultra-budget graphics card, YouTuber Kryzzp of zWORMz Gaming has shown just how low-spec Horizon Zero Dawn can be pushed on its PC port. A section of the video shows the game running at an eye-straining 128×72–which can be selected from the game’s visual settings without mods or any extra tinkering.

While Kryzzp’s channel often showcases high-end graphics cards pushing games to their limit, a few videos do the exact opposite. The Horizon Zero Dawn video is framed as a test for the GT 710, with the start of the video showing the low-end card outputting just 3fps when the game is played on Ultra settings at 1080p. The test goes through 720p, 360p, 144p, then 72p, with the card only briefly managing 30fps at the ultra-low resolution.

While the YouTuber refers to it as “Game Boy Advance edition,” an article by The Verge points out that even the 20-year-old handheld console had a higher screen resolution of 240×160. The low-quality Horizon Zero Dawn graphics end up with an almost appealing, retro-game quality–though the lack of any readable text would make it difficult to actually play the game.

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