Biomutant Preview: Customizing Your Way Through A Post-Apocalyptic World

by | May 6, 2021 | Gaming

In just 40 or so minutes of a hands-off gameplay demo of Biomutant, I’d watched its protagonist ride a jetski through polluted gooey waters, mount some kind of cat-looking horse thing, operate their own ramshackle mech suit, and hop aboard a flying bat creature. Oh, and there’s a flying suitcase, too.

Traversing the world in these many ways is indicative of the level of customization at play in Biomutant. In the final hands-off preview before the game’s release, developer Experiment 101 showed a fair amount of new footage that gave a sense of your ability to explore the game world, engage in combat, create your character, and build your own weapons. That freedom seems to be a central tenet of the Biomutant’s open-world–you can look how you want, fight how you want, wear what you want, and use the weapons that you want.

The freedom to determine your character in the world of Biomutant begins with character creation, where you make your own mutant animal critter to travel the wastes of the game’s post-human world. You can do a lot to create a creature you like to look at, but character creation goes well beyond just having spiffy fur patterns.

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