Betway partners with G2, BLAST reveals Fortnite collaboration | ESI DIGEST #46

Each week, ESI Digest breaks down the weekly happenings in the esports industry, making sense of things so you don’t have to. As well as being housed on YouTube, ESI Digest is available on all major podcast platforms and is also available in written form below. On...

Diversifying esports revenue streams: how are teams making money?

While valuations of esports organisations continue to soar and furrow brows worldwide, it’s a well-known fact that the fan monetisation of these groups is still leagues behind major sports clubs. The argument that economics in esports just work differently from their...

ReKTGlobal gets comfortable with AutoFull partnership

Esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal has announced a partnership with gaming chair manufacturer AutoFull. The deal will see the manufacturer become the official gaming chair partner of Rogue and its Call of Duty League franchise, London Royal Ravens. Credit:...
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