Destiny 2 Armor Synthesis Guide: How Transmogrification Works In The Season Of The Splicer

by | May 12, 2021 | Gaming

The Season of the Splicer brings a new customization system to Destiny 2: transmogrification. The system allows you to change armor pieces to look like other armor pieces, giving you a greater degree of cosmetic control of how your Guardian looks. But the transmogrification system, called Armor Synthesis, is a pretty dense and confusing one. It requires you to gather and use new kinds of currency to buy new bounties and centers on Ada-1 in the Tower.

Working through the Armor Synthesis system requires you to work through a story quest, then take on new bounties to earn something called Synthweave. But how you get Synthweave requires a bit of work. Here’s everything you need to know about Armor Synthesis so you can start transmogrifying your armor and customizing your look.

Complete The Armor Synthesis Mission

Talk to Ada about the way she's reworked the Black Armory and help her complete the Loom.
Talk to Ada about the way she’s reworked the Black Armory and help her complete the Loom.

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