Destiny 2’s Looming Villain Is Just Trying To Trick Us Into Being Her Friend

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Gaming

Savathun walks among us. The creepiest villain in Destiny 2–one Bungie has been slowly revealing over the course of the last four years–is seen apparently inhabiting some human form in the Last City in a recent lore entry for the Season of the Splicer. Some kind of shape-shifted Savathun is wandering our streets, puking up black stuff, and trying her damnedest to keep from being exposed while she unfurls her various evil machinations on the game’s world.

The way Destiny 2 has been building Savathun, one of the three incredibly powerful Hive gods and seemingly the big bad of next year’s Witch Queen expansion, has been absolutely masterful. Savathun has been a threat since vanilla Destiny 2, but we’ve only seen the effects of her influence as her many plans spread out across the game world. She’s popped up again and again, but not physically or personally–only as the implied puppet master behind various events. The Dreaming City’s whole three-week time-loop curse? That’s Savathun. She engineered pretty much everything that happened in the Forsaken expansion–so far as we know, anyway–and has been popping up here and there to be the monkey in the wrench time and time again since then.

Now we know she’s actually behind the latest threat in the game, the Endless Night that’s blanketing the Last City. We have no idea what she’s trying to accomplish, but we know the Endless Night is sapping the City’s electrical power, increasing sickness, and gravely harming morale in a way that’s beginning to brew civil unrest. Savathun’s machinations are seriously dangerous and seriously damaging, and we’re struggling to even understand them, much less anticipate and circumvent them.

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