Destiny 2’s Story Has Never Been This Good

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Gaming

Saint-14 is one of Destiny‘s greatest heroes. Unlike the powerful figures who rose in the game’s distant history with the power of the Light, granted immortality but not guidance for how to use it, the “Risen” known as Saint-14 never became a tyrannical warlord who sought his own power. Instead, he was always a protector of the rest of humanity, wandering the post-apocalyptic wilds to save humans from the many alien threats on Earth that sought to destroy them. Saint-14 is beloved by children and animals–a big, cuddly, Russian bear of a guy.

He is also a rampaging, bloodthirsty monster, from a certain point of view.

We got that point of view in the latest weekly story quest in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Splicer. A quick catch-up: the robotic Vex have done some kind of weird computer simulation shenanigans, and that has blanketed the Last City, where most humans and Guardians live, in an “endless night.” That night is sapping electrical power, spreading sickness, and straining the City’s resources. The Guardian leadership known as the Vanguard has recruited the help of the House of Light–a friendly group of Eliksni aliens, the species otherwise known as the Fallen throughout the game–to help deal with the Vex threat. In exchange, those Eliksni have been allowed refuge in the Last City.

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