DualSense Teardown Shows Drifting Issues Should Have Been Expected

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Gaming

With a class-action lawsuit recently filed against Sony over issues with DualSense controllers’ drifting analog sticks, the company could be looking at ways it can improve the design. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t look like it has an easy fix.

In a new video from iFixit, the site looks into the reasons why the problem is becoming more prevalent, and it found the DualSense is using “off the shelf” joystick modules that have been prone to drifting in the past. The same module is used by a lot of other controllers, too, including the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and the Xbox Elite controller, the latter of which has seen drifting issues of its own.

The joysticks aren’t easy to remove for quick replacement, either. On the DualSense, haptic motor wires are soldered to the board, and these must be removed before you can do anything else. Once that’s done, 14 different solder points must be melted to get off the joystick module at all.

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