E3 2021: The Games And Announcements We Really Want To See This Year

by | May 29, 2021 | Gaming

We’ve once again entered E3 season–that magical time of the year when the industry’s biggest companies and developers unveil their latest games. While this year’s festivities consist of digital-only events, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some exciting news coming. As we await what’s in store, the GameSpot team compiled their biggest predictions and wishes for E3 2021 and all its surrounding events. Below you can find what we dearly hope will get announced at the show, whether it’s realistic or a complete pipedream.

For more about the upcoming festivities, be sure to check out our E3 2021 schedule feature, which details when it’s happening, where to watch all the streams, and who’s participating this year. And stay tuned all month long for Play For All, GameSpot’s event that will feature coverage of E3, other summer events, and a charity effort to raise money for AbleGamers.

From Software Finally Shows Elden Ring

I don’t think I need to remind any From Software fan reading this about how long it’s been since we last had major Elden Ring news. (Nearly two years since it was announced, but who’s counting?) Since then, we’ve had virtually no news about the game… and that’s okay. Personally, I would far prefer a game be given the time it needs to be the best experience possible, and have fewer game-breaking bugs. Between Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, Hidetaka Miyazaki, at this point, has proven himself to be a true auteur of incredible gaming experiences–and that certainly deserves our patience and understanding. Well, from me, at least.

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