Falcon And Winter Soldier’s Daniel Bruhl Says You Can’t Trust Baron Zemo

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Gaming

The Helmut Zemo we met in Captain America: Civil War was a grounded, complex villain, a big change from the guy wearing a purple balaclava in Marvel’s comic books. He seemed like a one-shot villain, and even actor Daniel Bruhl thought as much–until Marvel invited him back for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bruhl talks about returning to the character and what to take away from his storyline.

Zemo feels different in Falcon and the Winter Soldier; he took his revenge, got caught, and has been in prison since. He has a common mission with Bucky and Sam, though, and it gives us a different look at the character. He makes jokes. He dances. Can we trust him?

“No, never,” Bruhl said. “And that’s the good thing. If it’s hard to read and tell what somebody is up to, that ambiguity–which people always enjoy and I do enjoy–is always fun.”

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