Friday ‘Nite: Let’s Fan-Cast The Fortnite Movie

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Gaming

A Fortnite movie is coming. No, that’s not an announcement, though there have been rumors of a Fortnite movie for some time now. But it’s practically a foregone conclusion that one of the biggest names in entertainment, a brand with its hand in basically every intellectual property money pit right now, from Star Wars to Marvel and much more, is going to get a movie. It’s merely a matter of time.

One could argue that a movie is an old-fashioned way of doing things. Fortnite already features some incredible cinematic live events that players can live through themselves, which ends up feeling quite like being in a Fortnite movie already. But I do think, even in this weird era for movie theaters, that a Fortnite movie would be massive. It’s important to capitalize on the game’s still sky-high popularity, lest Epic Games and partners risk launching it when the game is losing steam, like the Angry Birds Movie.

With so many crossovers and characters constantly coming to Fortnite, no doubt a Fortnite movie would be packed full of more collaborations than Ready Player One, but for this exercise, I’m going to focus just on Fortnite’s homegrown heroes and largely pull from the most important characters in Fortnite lore, such as Jonesy, Doctor Slone, and Midas. Whether it’s a live-action adaptation or an animated feature with a star-studded voice cast, here’s who I envision as the stars of the inevitable Fortnite movie.

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