Fundraising with GastroPascoe for Type 1 Diabetes UK

Gastro is a streamer based in the UK.  He suffers from Type 1 diabetes amongst other things.  Recently, his diabetes began effecting his eyesight and a bleed starting in his left eye, shortly followed by another in his right eye leaving him with very little vision for a period of time.  Surgery is now required.  Throughout this, his main focus has been to raise money for others affected by this.  He has decided to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes, more information on this can be found at

Gastro’s statistics

The numbers say it all.  Suffering from Type 1 Diabetes is not a short term illness.  This is a disease which lasts a lifetime and often has deadly consequences.  Here are the statistics from Gastro, found at

Support Options

Choose an amount

If you want to make a one of donation, simply use the secure form on this page to donate an amount of your choice.

Purchase some charity merch

For this cause, has created some customised designs for this fundraiser.  100% of the profits from these items are donated to Type 1 Diabetes.

Countries Around the World

No matter where you are, Diabetes is an issue.  By helping with this cause, you help those suffering across the globe.

Tune in to the streams

GastroPascoe himself will be streaming live to raise money at on DATE HERE will be streaming live to raise money at on DATE HERE


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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Every penny you raise goes towards care and support services, advice and guidance, and pioneering research by
Together, we’re changing the world for people with diabetes.  With your donations and their pioneering research, we hope they can eventually help those suffering globally, not just in the UK.

£30 can get us

£30 could help more people receive crucial information and advice on their diabetes.

£60 can get

£60 could train new professional helpline advisors to help answer every call.

£100 can get

£100 could kick start investment into high-quality research projects which could shape the future of diabetes care.

Your donations make their work possible

Someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes. Your donation can change lives.

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