Glover Is Coming Back, For Some Reason

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Gaming

Of all the games that were likely to get a re-release in 2022, N64 title Glover was not high on our list. The 1998 game is soon to release with a new version on PC, however, which will be out on Steam on April 20.

Glover is a N64 game that was developed in the 90s by Interactive Studios, and published by Hasbro. The game saw players take control of the titular Glover, an animated, anthropomorphic white glove. In the platformer, Glover was tasked with guiding a magic ball through a number of levels by bouncing, dribbling, rolling, or throwing the ball to make it through to the final checkpoint.

While Glover was generally well-reviewed on release, GameSpot’s original review of the title was less glowing, only awarding it a 5.1 out of 10 due to its “frustrating” mechanics. The game overall was well-received, enough that a sequel was announced and began development, though Glover 2 never ended up seeing release.

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