Guilty Gear Strive Adds I-No To Roster, Game Has 15 Fighters At Launch

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Gaming

Guilty Gear Strive will see a returning face among its character roster, as the deadly rocker I-No has been confirmed for the upcoming fighting game. She’s supremely confident in her own abilities, and based on what we’ve seen from her so far, that confidence is warranted. This reveal came during a special fighting game developer roundtable, with members of Arc System Works going into detail about what players can expect from the return of the time-traveling, guitar-wielding witch.

In the new gameplay and announcement trailer, we get to see I-No in action, her guitar in hand as she delivers furious kicks. At one point, she ducks under a projectile attack and delivers a devastating uppercut to punish, sending her opponent to the floor. I-No also has projectile attacks of her own that she can use to control space and keep her opponents from playing too defensively, and her counters should also keep her opponents from being too aggressive. You’re between a rock and a hard place with I-No, but at least she can shred on the guitar for you as she’s pummeling you into the ground.

In addition to the reveal of I-No, Arc System Works also revealed during the developer livestream that Samuari Showdown and Guilty Gear will have a collaboration, which will come in the form of a guest character arriving in the former. Also revealed was a special Saiko x Guilty Gear watch that fans of the series can purchase.

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