Help Palestinian Civilians In Need By Donating To Charity

by | May 16, 2021 | Gaming

As you may have seen in the news, Palestinian civilians are currently being subjected to great suffering. Significant numbers have been injured or killed in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem after being bombarded by Israeli forces. Areas are now without electricity and water, making the lives of the already helpless and wounded people much more difficult.

Recent events compound decades’ worth of damage and destruction that has left the people in the areas affected in dire need. There is a very real humanitarian crisis in Palestine and we wanted to highlight a number of charities that are operating in the worst affected areas. These organizations are accepting donations, which are used to provide aid to those desperately in need, so please consider lending your support.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

PCRF is a nonprofit in the Middle East and provides free surgery and other urgent aid to thousands of sick and injured children, regardless of their religion or nationality. Your donation helps the organization to heal children and save lives.

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