Housemarque Is Teasing Something New For Returnal

by | Nov 27, 2021 | Gaming

There might be something new coming to Returnal in the near future. Housemarque teased an image of some sort of rock creature, saying, “Atropos…?” which is the name of the planet that Returnal takes place on.

Housemarque senior narrative designer Eevi Korhonen retweeted the studio’s teaser and said, “We filmed something really amazing today. Hope we get to share more soon!” This is possibly going to be new content or DLC for Returnal, as the rock creature doesn’t seem to be seen anywhere in the main game. For now, we’re left waiting to hear more.

Returnal has seen a few updates since it launched exclusively for PlayStation 5 back in April. Patch 1.4.0 was released in June, helping balance the game’s difficulty and fix some bugs. The latest 2.0 update came out last month and added the ability for players to suspend their progress when closing the game and shutting down their PlayStation 5 system. A new photo mode was included as well. Housemarque is also now part of the PlayStation Studios family after Sony acquired the developer back in June.

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