How Diablo 4’s Rogue Class, PvP, And Open World Work

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Gaming

With BlizzConline (aka BlizzCon 2021) underway, we got several new details about Diablo 4. During a presentation, Blizzard revealed the new Rogue class, outlined how PvP works, and teased new elements of its open world design. Here, we summarize everything we learned–you can also watch the entire presentation below.

Rogue Class Breakdown

Rogue is a dexterity-based class that can use bows and crossbows for ranged attacks, and swords and daggers for melee attacks. The class relies on mobility and striking fast, but also has a diverse skillset with abilities you can mix and match to great effect. From what we can glean, Rogues have skills like a dashing ability, flurry slashes, and an aerial attack that showers arrows down for AOE damage.

Rogues have three specializations. One is called Combo Points, which seem to rely on a sequence of timing-based attacks that stack damage–director Luis Barriga likened it to a sort of rhythm game. The second is called Shadow Realm, which puts you into temporary stealth to land attacks unharmed while in the middle of combat. Lastly, Exploit Weakness is a reaction-based specialization where an icon will pop up on an enemy and you have to time a counter to do extra damage. Players don’t have to pick one specialization and can combine abilities to create their own builds and playstyles.

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