Hulu’s Solar Opposites Season 2 Trailer Pokes Fun At Pandemic Masks And B.D.E.

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Gaming

With Rick and Morty well ahead of schedule, co-creator Justin Roiland has time to work on other projects. Solar Opposites feels like it could take place a few blocks from Morty’s house, though Rick probably wouldn’t abide aliens like the Schlorpians living on Earth. Hulu dropped a second trailer today for Solar Opposites Season 2 ahead of its March release.

In Solar Opposites Season 2, the team tries to escape Earth, only for their ship to fail, dropping them right back where they started. The trailer gives us an idea of what to expect. That includes timely jokes about Big D*** Energy, poking fun at wearing masks during the pandemic, and, of course, beasts that eat people and defecate them as wine bottles. Listen, we’re just telling you what’s in the trailer.

Solar Opposites, co-created by Roiland and ex-Rick and Morty writing assistant Mike McMahan, is the story of four Shlorpian aliens who crash-land on a home in suburban America. Krovo and Yumyulack hate the planet, while Terry and Jesse love everything humanity has to offer. Either way, they have to endure the planet until they can escape, or until their living super computer Pupa evolves to consume them and terraform Earth.

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