Marvel’s Avengers’ Red Room Takeover Event Is Live Now

by | May 21, 2021 | Gaming

As teased at the last Square Enix Presents in March, the Red Room Takeover event for Marvel’s Avengers is now live. The event runs until May 31, and is the culmination of the last two weeks of gameplay, which has seen players investigating the mysterious “Rooskaya Protocols.”

The Red Room Takeover has completely transformed the game’s HARM Room, turning a harmless training room into a life-threatening trap. The story sees the mysterious Yelena Belova having booby-trapped the HARM Room, forcing the heroes to run these deadly challenges to regain control of the compound.

While the storyline of the event focuses on Black Widow, with a number of encrypted messaged being addressed to her from Yelena Belova, players can run the challenges with any hero in their roster in order to unlock the event’s rewards. Those include exclusive “Widow Maker” comics, XP, and gear, with players at higher levels eligible for the best gear-related rewards.

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