Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launch Update Is Reportedly Huge, Patch Notes Leak

by | May 2, 2021 | Gaming

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which packages up upgraded remasters of the first three Mass Effect games as well as (almost) all of the DLC, is coming on May 14. However, it appears we already know what’s coming in the game’s day one update: performance tweaks, lighting improvements, and quite vague “miscellaneous content fixes.”

First noticed by Twisted Voxel, Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Patch 1.1 has already gone live on PlayStation servers. On the update’s page on Orbis Patches, it comes in at 11.8 GB and brings with it a set of changes that isn’t too surprising for a day one patch.

The patch notes, which are quite sparse, reveal a handful of tweaks to make the game run better. These include stability improvements, bug fixes to prevent crashes, and lighting improvements. Finally, the patch also brings benefits to ambient occlusion, a graphics feature that increases the realism of shadows and lighting.

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