Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Sim Update 3 Is Out Now: Patch Notes

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Gaming

Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s third sim update is out now, bringing with it a handful of new features as well as a huge list of tweaks, fixes and changes. Unlike the game’s world updates, which finesse the geography of certain countries, the sim updates focus entirely on the aircraft, cockpits, and how they fly.

In terms of new content, the third sim update has added FSX legacy liveries for fans of 2006’s Flight Simulator X. These liveries are available on select planes including the Kenmore, Emerald Gold, Global Freightways, Orbit, Pacifica, and World Travel. The new update also adds a nice little visual bump in the form of aircraft contrails, though these aren’t compatible with AI or multiplayer mode yet.

A new customization feature is designed for people who want to simulate real-world aircraft as accurately as possible. The new menu will allow players to “perfectly match specific real world aircraft,” with the ability to change factors such as empty center of gravity position, fuselage wear, and maximum angle limits.

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