Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough: How To Kill Every Monster

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Gaming

Monster Hunter Rise is out now, which means it’s time to hunt and carve up some monsters! Like previous games in the series, there’s a plethora of challenging monsters to fight, each with their own unique attacks and patterns to understand if you hope to successfully best any of them. Below we detail what it takes to defeat every monster in Monster Hunter Rise.

Main Game Monsters (Low-Level Tier)

The main section of the game has you fighting a total of 20 monsters, which are categorized as low-level on the scale of monster difficulty. Below we detail the strategies to consider when taking down these low-level versions. If you’re more interested in tactics for the high-level versions of these monsters, then be sure to check back later, as we’ll have all those updated into our comprehensive guide in the coming days.

How to kill Great Izuchi

Great Izuchi
Great Izuchi
  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, tail tip
  • Elemental weaknesses: Lighting (primary), Water (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blast, Exhaust, Thunderblight

Great Izuchi is likely to be the first big monster you take on in your hunting endeavors. It’s one of the easier fights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful! Great Izuchi is a pack hunter and tends to fight with a posse of two smaller Izuchi to annoy you. It can also summon more buddies to join its side, though they go down pretty fast–so taking out Great Izuchi’s minions first is generally a good idea. Izuchi’s weak point is its head, but facing it head-on can be dangerous, especially when it’s enraged If it does get enraged, it uses a damaging ranged spit attack, and its swift triple-tail swipe, which can easily knock you flat on your back. Fortunately, many of its most damaging attacks use its tail and have a lengthy wind-up, making them easy to dodge or block. If you’re a rookie at Monster Hunter, hunting Great Izuchi’s a great way to learn many of the basic skills you’ll need to take on the game’s larger beasts, so use this opportunity to get some practice in.

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