Mortal Kombat Movie Review: A Nearly Flawless Victory

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Gaming

When the original Mortal Kombat film shot into theaters like a Liu Kang fireball in 1995, it quickly became a guilty pleasure for many. While it was fun, featured plenty of action, and had quite possibly the coolest soundtrack of all time, it was not a very good adaptation of the video game it was based on. Now, though, Mortal Kombat is back on the big screen for a second shot at igniting a live-action movie franchise.

The new Mortal Kombat is quite different from the original. While you’ll see some familiar characters, albeit played by new actors, and a plethora of signature movies and iconic “fatalities”–along with some familiar music cues–this new take on the video game series manages to not only be a good and faithful adaptation of the classic game, but also an entertaining and engaging action romp filled with bloody fights, plenty of iconic Mortal Kombat gore, and a promise of what’s to come should the franchise continue.

The film centers around Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a character created specifically for the movie. Cole is a washed-up MMA fighter whose best fights are seemingly behind him. That is until he’s called on to participate in Mortal Kombat, an interdimensional tournament in which you fight to the death to protect the existence of your homeworld. Fans of the games will no doubt recognize this as the plot of the games that have played out over the last 30 years.

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