No Man’s Sky Update 3.53 Patch Notes Include Better Explosions

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Gaming

With its fifth anniversary on the way, No Man’s Sky is still building and improving on its impressive intergalactic world. Earlier in June Hello Games released the ambitious Prisms Update, which added furry creatures and flying pets for the first time. The latest update 3.53 is a smaller hotfix, mopping up some of the issues created by Prisms.

The biggest addition in the new patch is what Hello Games describes as “improved ship explosion effect during space combat.” The other major changes in the update are all fixes for issues in Prisms’ new content–such as bugs around how furry creatures are displayed.

While the list of fixes in this patch is pretty concise, Hello Games has encouraged players to keep reporting new bug through Zendesk or console crash reporting so they can be fixed by the development team.

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