Oculus Gives An In-Depth Look At The Resident Evil 4 VR Remake

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Gaming

Oculus held its first livestreamed game showcase this week, and it spent a good amount of the 25-minute runtime focused on Resident Evil 4 in VR–a Quest 2 exclusive. New footage gives us a good look at how combat will feel in the game, as well as a rundown on which systems have been changed and which have been left the same.

Most notably, the VR port adapts Resident Evil 4’s third-person viewpoint to a first-person experience, and a lot of tweaks have had to be made to accommodate for that. Using weapons will be a more physical experience with the Quest 2’s motion controls, allowing for finer melee weapon control, dual wielding, and the ability to manually reload firearms–which also adds the threat of fumbling a reload in a tense situation.

While the game offers VR-style teleportation as a movement option, as well as Roomscale tracking, the developers expect most people will navigate with the analogue stick as they would in a non-VR game. The developers also have made sure the VR version of the game is comfortable to play while seated, given the game is longer than most designed specifically for VR. Enemies have been balanced to adjust for the increased difficulties of navigating in VR, but Oculus expects the game overall to feel scarier and more tense in VR.

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