Our 7 Favorite Winter 2021 Anime So Far

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Gaming

January 2021 is the start of this year’s winter anime season, which means a ton of brand-new anime debuted across all the different streaming services. There are plenty of shows to enjoy but seven series in particular have managed to keep us watching beyond their respective premieres.

Keep in mind, we’re not saying that these seven are definitely the best anime to air this season. There are still plenty of weeks left in the winter season and any of these shows could take an unfavorable turn (or any we don’t list here may recapture our attention if they have a turn for the better). But, for now, these seven anime are the ones we’re enjoying the most, and we think that you will too. We’re always open to hearing recommendations though, so let us know what you’re currently watching–and why we should also be watching it–in the comments below.

Wonder Egg Priority

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An original story, Wonder Egg Priority is one of the most gripping anime we’ve seen in ages. Beautiful to look at but covering topics that are often difficult to watch, this anime deals with the trauma of suicide and posits the question: How far would you go to save someone who took their own life? This is a show that comes with a load of trigger warnings–be aware that Wonder Egg Priority portrays bullying, self-cutting, fat-shaming, survivor’s guilt, and group suicide, and that’s only within the first three episodes. As an original story, there’s no way of knowing what else is in store, all we know is that we’re going to see it all the way through, as this may end up being the best anime of the season.

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