Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Forever Skies Announced By Polish Studio

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Gaming

Polish independent studio Far From Home has just announced its first project with a gorgeous teaser. The game, called Forever Skies, is a first person action survival game, set on an uninhabitable, post-apocalyptic version of Earth, IGN reports.

Far From Home is an independent Polish game studio, founded by industry veterans whose titles include games like Chernobylite, The Medium, Dying Light, Divinity: Original Sin, and Dead Island. The new studio aims to produce next-gen “AA+” games, while staying independent and working with a small team. The studio currently consists of 23 developers, many of them having previously worked on big-name AAA titles.

Forever Skies follows a scientist exploring a version of Earth that has been rendered uninhabitable by a climate crisis. The remains of humanity live in orbit, but are being threatened by a disease that the main character now has to find a cure for.

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