Resident Evil Village Boss Fight Guide

by | May 12, 2021 | Gaming

Note: This guide is full of spoilers for Resident Evil Village. Read on at your own risk!

Like any Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village is filled with monstrous bosses, most of whom used to be people. What’s different about this game as opposed to many of the others is that the bosses here often require different approaches to deal with them. While you’ll usually have to unload with whatever guns you have, you also have various things to keep in mind, like the environment, weak points, and puzzle elements that you might not expect when you first show up.

We’ve run through Resident Evil Village a few times now, and have gotten a sense of how to deal with all the ugly horrors it throws your way. Whether it’s the vampires of Castle Dimitrescu or the abominations of Heisenberg’s Factory, every monster in Village has a way to bring it down. Below you’ll find a complete guide to everything you should know about every boss fight in Resident Evil Village, from preferred weapons, to boss attack patterns, to their various weaknesses.

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