Resident Evil Village Treasure Chests Guide – Every Marked Treasure, Weapon, And Upgrade On The Map

by | May 7, 2021 | Gaming

Not long into your adventure into Resident Evil Village, you meet the Duke, a traveling merchant. The friendly salesman soon provides you with a map of special treasure chests scattered throughout the area that take a little extra effort to unlock. These chests have some of the most valuable items in the game: Some contain weapons, others have key upgrade items for your guns, and some contain a few of the most valuable treasures in the game, which you can sell to the Duke for cash.

Unlocking all the treasure chests in the game takes a little extra effort as you explore, but they’re worth grabbing to make yourself as powerful as you can be as you search for protagonist Ethan Winters’ missing child, Rose. Here’s where (and when) you can get to each of the chests, what they contain, and how to nab them.

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