Spiritfarer Releases Free Lily Update Today

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Gaming

A new free content update is now available for Spiritfarer, the gorgeous narrative adventure game that was one of GameSpot’s top games of 2020. The update adds a new spirit called Lily, who is designed to flesh out Stella’s story. The update also includes bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and some new features.

The Lily Update is the first of three free content updates coming to Spiritfarer this year, and its release happens to coincide with the game hitting the major milestone of 500,000 copies sold. The update adds the character of Lily, a butterfly spirit who also happens to be Stella’s younger sister. The new content has been developed in response to player feedback, and is designed to make Stella’s story and the game’s conclusion more satisfying.

Lily can now join your boat, which will grant it the ability to travel at night. Other quality of life updates include the addition of fishing to co-op play, a new co-op controller assignment screen, and much more. You can see everything that’s been updated in the patch notes below.

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