Stubbs The Zombie Is Returning To Modern Consoles And PC

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Gaming

Stubbs is coming back from the dead again, with the news that 2005 game Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse is due for a re-release in 2021. Initially announced for Switch on Nintendo’s latest Direct, the game was subsequently confirmed for PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, as well as for PC via Steam.

Stubbs the Zombie released for the original Xbox and PC in 2005, with a quirky take on the zombie genre that sees players masterminding a zombie apocalypse at the head of a zombie horde. The original game was generally well received, with GameSpot’s original review giving it a score of 7.8/10, saying: “Eating the brains of the living to form a massive army of the undead is extremely satisfying, often hilarious, and, unfortunately, almost painfully brief.” The game was never a big hit, however, which is probably why Stubbs is only getting a re-release and not a full remaster or remake.

The Xbox announcement page keeps expectations low for the re-release, with an introduction written from Stubbs’ perspective reading: “That’s right, baby. I’m back and better than ever. Well, I’m actually exactly the same as I was back in 2005. I was already pretty great though, so there’s that.”

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