Super Mario Maker 2’s Final Event Is Now Live

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Gaming

Super Mario Maker 2‘s final Ninji Speedrun event is now underway until April 27. This event is called Bowser’s Castle: The Last Dash, and it challenges players to run multiple laps through a vast, trap-laden castle.

As Nintendo describes, “To clear the final Ninji Speedrun course, you’ll need to run a few laps around Bowser’s Castle! It’s packed with tricky gimmicks, putting all of your skills to the test. Keep at it, and go for the best time you can get!” You can check out some screenshots of the new speedrun course below.

As Nintendo previously announced, this final event is “bigger than usual.” As such, it runs for two weeks rather than the usual one, concluding at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET on April 27. You’ll still be able to play the course after the event officially ends, but your time won’t be counted.

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