Superman’s Son Would Become Batman In Justice League Sequel, Snyder Says

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Gaming

At one point, the movie that would become Zack Snyder’s Justice League was set to be the start of a trilogy with all kinds of spin-off movies. Things have changed since then, with Snyder saying he’s not looking to do comic book movies again, but the director had the rough sketches laid out. One of the strangest twists would’ve put a Kent beneath Batman’s cape and cowl, Snyder said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

There was a quick shot in Justice League of Lois Lane’s pregnancy test, as yet unopened and unused, but with pretty clear implications: in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Lois may well have been pregnant with Kal-El’s son.

A new Batman was to replace Bruce Wayne in one of the sequels, Snyder explained. “It was going to be Lois and Superman’s son,” he said. “He doesn’t have any powers, and then he was going to end up being the new Batman.”

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