Tetris Is Getting Its Own Makeup Collection

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Gaming

Between Tetris‘s iconic grid layout and its splashes of bright color, it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into a makeup palette. The opporunity has now been snatched up by cosmetics company NYX Professional Makeup, which will be producing an eyeliner kit, a huge eyeshadow palette, and two lip kits, all themed around Tetris.

While the color scheme of the original Tetris is a little limited, NYX has used it as a jumping-off point for the whole collection. You’ll find more traditional makeup shades among the bright neons pulled directly from the original Tetris blocks, while the packaging is inspired by retro arcade machines. The set includes a range of shades from metallic to matte, as well as classic whites and blacks.

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The eyeshadow palette also uses the iconic Tetriminos (the official name for Tetris’ block shapes) to create a series of defined looks, with each set of four shades outlined in the palette by one of the game’s seven block shapes. The trusty I-block, for example, contains a monochrome combo named Ghost Piece, while the T-block is a fun retro color combo called T-Spin.

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