The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright To Play Dark Knight in Comedic Batman Podcast

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Gaming

Commissioner Gordon is at odds with Batman as often as he is allied with him in the comics. Now, in a new comedic podcast, Commissioner Gordon is Batman. Actor Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gordon in the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman film, will step into the Dark Knight’s ninja boots in Batman: The Audio Adventures, THR reports.

Details on the podcast are sparse, but we know that this will be a comedic take on the usually dour character. Former SNL writer Dennis McNicholas wrote and directed the series, which will release sometime this year.

The cast list for the audio show is bursting at the seams with big names in comedy, much like the cast of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn, which has also found success putting a comedic spin on the world of Gotham City.

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