The Evil Within’s First-Person Mode Is Locked Behind A Bethesda.Net Login

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Gaming

After Microsoft finalized its acquisition of Bethesda earlier this month, a whole lot of the publisher’s games went live on Game Pass, including The Evil Within. Players have since found that the Game Pass version of The Evil Within has quite a few improvements–including a first-person version of the game that bafflingly requires players to have a Bethesda.Net account.

The changes were initially picked up by YouTuber Jigzaw_Killer, who called the Game Pass version of the game “basically a remaster.” A Eurogamer article later pointed out that the game’s new modes required a Bethesda.Net account to access. A shot of the game’s menu shows extra features such as first-person mode and infinite ammo mode greyed out with a prompt asking the player to log in to Bethesda.Net for access.

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A Bethesda spokesperson confirmed to GameSpot that this would be the case for all players, though didn’t specify why the Bethesda.Net login was needed. The spokesperson also clarified that the improved version of the game on Game Pass was originally made for a Deluxe edition of The Evil Within that didn’t end up getting released.

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