The Medium Is Already Profitable After Just A Few Days

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Gaming

The Medium, a game that only released a few days ago and also launched on Xbox Game Pass, has already managed to cover its production and marketing costs. Future sales will be profit for Polish developer Bloober Team, which is no stranger to bizarre and terrifying horror experiences.

Shared in the Polish publication, Bloober Team said the game’s sales have already eclipsed what it cost the studio to develop and promote the game, which is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass for the platforms, but unlike many other Game Pass titles, it isn’t on Xbox One. This makes its profitability even more impressive, as the Xbox Series X|S has only a fraction of the install base as the older console. It’s unclear how Game Pass factored into the sales figures or if it managed to turn a profit even before factoring this in. Game Pass has been extremely popular among Xbox users, and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, they don’t need a separate Xbox Live Gold subscription. First-party games such as Gears Tactics and the upcoming Halo Infinite launch on the service the same day they release in stores.

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