This Persona 5 Mod Replaces The Phantom Thieves With Persona 4 Characters

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Gaming

Good news for Persona fans who find themselves missing Persona 4‘s Investigation Team while playing Persona 5‘s Phantom Thieves–there’s a mod on the way just for you. The Persona 5: Investigation Team character replacement mod is in progress now, building a whole new cast to play through the game’s story with.

The project lead is a modder who tweets under @REALMadMax1960, in collaboration with artist Century_. The mod builds on a now discontinued mod that inserted Persona 4 protagonist Yu over P5’s Joker. For now, all updates are being posted to the Persona 5: Investigation Team Discord server.

The project lead has said that the aim is mainly to replace the UI and models for Persona 5, which will include the Persona 4 characters’ personas, adding that they may or may not be able to implement character animations as well. Updates in the Discord note that the project will only replace voicelines if someone comes forward to help with that side of development.

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