This Steam Developer Found A Shortcut To Very Positive Reviews

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Gaming

If the first thing you look at on a game’s Steam page is the aggregated review rating, you might want to check that rating a little closer. One Steam developer has discovered that the “developer” and “publisher” fields can easily masquerade as review scores if your studio’s name is “Very Positive.”

The quirky developer name was picked up on the GameDiscoverCo newsletter and later tweeted by Patrick Klepek, with a screenshot showing the game Emoji Evolution by developer Very Positive.

While the actual game has mixed recent reviews and mostly positive overall reviews, you could be fooled into seeing “Very Positive” ratings for both at a glance. “Emoji Evolution is a new look at the alchemy game where you have to combine different elements to find a new one,” the description reads. “Find all recipes and solve the main dilemma of humanity.”

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