Valorant’s New Game Mode Replication Revealed, Goes Live Tomorrow

by | May 11, 2021 | Gaming

Developer Riot Games has unveiled Valorant‘s new game mode. Called Replication, it follows the same rules as Unrated but with one major restriction: everyone on a team plays as the same agent. Replication goes live on May 11, which is when patch 2.09 is expected.

Players aren’t given an agent at random. Selecting an agent is a democratic process, with each team voting for which agent they want to play before Replication’s start. The agent with the most votes becomes the pick.

There are a few other modifications that come with Replication. Everything (except Ultimates) is refreshed every round and players receive a fixed number of credits. Additionally, players that are flashed twice within a four-second window will get a five-second protection against blindness called Flashguard.

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