WandaVision Episode 3: Every Easter Egg, Clue, And Comics Call-Back

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Gaming

WandaVision keeps getting weirder and creepier with HYDRA nods, SWORD shout-outs, and possibly demonic babies.

Things are getting weirder by the day in sunny Westview as WandaVision enters its third episode with ’70s style and flare. Come for the Brady Bunch and Mary Tyler Moore vibes, stay for the magically accelerated pregnancy and all the wacky (and incredibly ominous) hijinks that come with.

Episode 3 sees us in full color for the first time as Wanda and Vision try and figure out exactly what’s going on with the baby they have on the way–they’ve even called in a doctor, who is a remarkably good sport, all things considered. But things very rapidly take a turn for the weird as the story progresses–including some of the eeriest interactions with neighbors yet, another HYDRA nod in the “commercial break,” and a reveal for Geraldine you may or may not have seen coming.

We may still have far more questions than answers about this show, but one thing is certain: Wherever it’s going, the MCU is unlikely to ever be the same in its wake.

We’ve picked out 19 possible clues, Easter Eggs, comic book references, and off-the-wall moments you don’t want to miss in WandaVision Episode 3. Let us know your theories–and anything we may have missed–in the comments below.

1. New episode, new theme song

As with the previous two episodes, WandaVision’s third installment comes complete with a new theme song and opening sequence. This one, which is focused on Wanda and Vision building a family, is heavily inspired by ’70s sitcoms.

2. Another new house

Yet again, Wanda and Vision’s home is completely different–though no one seems to notice or care. While the address–2800–remains the same, the new house borrows design elements from shows like The Brady Bunch. That staircase and rock work, in particular, are reminiscent of that late ’60s/early ’70s series..

3. Wanda’s magical pregnancy

In the comics, when Wanda was magically made pregnant, things progressed just a bit more slowly–and her doctor was none other than Dr. Strange.

4. What’s wrong with Herb?

We’ve known something is a little off with the other residents of Westview for a while now, but this is the strangest “glitch” yet–Vision notices that neighbor Herb is attempting to saw through the brick fence rather than trim the hedges, and when he points this oud, Herb’s reaction is add to put it lightly. Unlike the other instances of eerie behavior, this one didn’t seem to be prompted by anything–no choking or weird radio signals to be found.

5. Simser Paint

The nursery gets decorated (magically, of course) using Simser brand paint, which is apparently a nod to a real person–Jeremy Simser–who just so happens to be a storyboard artist for Marvel Studios, specifically for Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

6. Billy and Tommy

Though Wanda and Vis don’t know it yet, they’re both going to get their way with the baby names–because Wanda’s having twins. Comics fans will recognize this immediately as both names suggested are the names of their kids over in the books. Their stories are about as bizarre as you might expect.

7. Vision’s on to something

For the second time in as many episodes, we see reality literally rewind. The first was in Episode 2 when the Beekeeper broke through the sewer grate, and now we jump briefly back in time as Vision begins to note that “there’s something wrong here.” In Episode 2 it was obvious that Wanda had played some part in the reversal–but here that’s not as clear.

8. Synthezoid

Wanda wonders aloud whether the baby will be human or “synthezoid.” This isn’t a term we’ve heard much in the MCU, but it originates in the comics. Vision was never actually a “robot,” he was a synthetic human–something which does, technically, carry over to the MCU as well. Vision’s body was made in a lab, not out of metal or machinery, but by the bioengineering tech of Dr. Helen Cho.

9. Billy will be just like his mom

The joke here is that Billy, in the comics, is the twin who actually does end up with Wanda’s abilities–Tommy winds up with powers similar to those of Wanda’s own twin, Pietro (i.e. super speed).

10. Hydra Soak

This week’s commercial break feels both ominous and extremely on-the-nose. “Escape to a world all your own, where your problems float away,” the announcer says in voice over. “When you want to get away, but you don’t want to go anywhere: Hydra Soak.”

Of course, the Hydra Soak logo is just the HYDRA logo–making for our second HYDRA commercial in a row. The implications here are tough to figure out–is HYDRA somehow behind Westview? And what about not wanting to “go anywhere?” And finding “the goddess within?”

11. Small towns, so hard to escape

Like Herb, there’s something very, very wrong with the way the doctor behaves as Vision sets him on his way. “I don’t think we’ll get away after all. Small towns, you know, so hard to escape.”

12. Agnes and Herb know something

Agnes and Herb try to warn Vision about Geraldine by saying she’s “new to town, brand new.” She doesn’t have a husband or a home. Why are they in on it when no one else seems to be? They want to tell Vision something–“she came here because we’re all–” but they don’t get a chance to finish.

13. Agnes’s locket

As she’s speaking with Herb, Agnes can be seen wearing a cameo necklace–maybe a locket–with what looks like three distinct figures. One of them is pretty clearly holding what looks like a large traditional scythe. We’ve speculated a bit about the introduction of Wonder Man to the MCU–but is Agnes’s locket a nod to the possible inclusion of his brother, a super villain who, you guessed it, uses a scythe and calls himself Grim Reaper?

14. Pietro

It’s been a while since anyone has talked about Pietro in the MCU–he was shot and killed back in Age of Ultron. Geraldine knows this, somehow, too.

15 .”I think you should leave.”

As if the entire town keeping secrets from Wanda and Vision wasn’t bad enough, now they’re keeping secrets from each other too. Wanda somehow ejected Geraldine from Westview–but tells Vision that she had to rush home.

16. The Real Westview

As Geraldine gets thrown out of Westview–out of Wanda and Vision’s Westview, that is–we see the outskirts of what we can assume is the “real” version of the town. It has the sign, there are some buildings in the distance, but the road is blocked off by cement blockades and there’s apparently some sort of magical barrier surrounding it.

17. Cheer up, sleepy Jean

Geraldine is hurled out of Westview to the tune of Daydream Believer by the Monkees. The title of the song is appropriate, given that Westview might turn out to be someone’s daydream.

18. Aspect ratio changes

Following Wanda’s altercation with Geraldine, which ends with the latter being ejected from Westview rather forcefully, the aspect ratio of the series changes from traditional TV’s aspect ratio of 3:4 to the current widescreen standard of 16:9. While the sitcom aspects of WandaVision will surely continue this (temporary?) change is a clue to viewers that something epic is brewing on the scale of the MCU.

19. SWORD agent Monica

Geraldine is swarmed by vehicles after she lands on the grass. They’re emblazoned with the SWORD logo–the same logo on her necklace–meaning we can assume the whole town is being observed, defended, or otherwise tampered with by SWORD at large. Remember in Episode 1 when we saw that Wanda was being watched by a SWORD agent in what looked like a surveillance van? Apparently the operation is much, much larger and more involved than just one agent.

Also, it’s worth remembering “Geraldine” is played by Treyonah Parris, who was confirmed at SDCC 2019 to be the grown up version of Captain Marvel’s Monica Rambeau. The question now becomes was Monica sent to Westview on purpose to act in SWORD’s interest, or was there some other plan at play?

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