WandaVision Episode 6: 24 Easter Eggs, Reference, And Things You Missed

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Gaming

WandaVision Episode 6 has arrived on Disney+, just in time for an early aughts Halloween in Westview, New Jersey–and, naturally, things are just as weird and creepy as ever. At least this time the spooky vibes are also part of the intentional set dressing as everyone gets dressed up in their costumes, decorate their homes, and prepare for the Halloween festival in the town square.

Unfortunately, things are not going well for Vision as he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. Neither are they going that great for Darcy, Jimmy, and Monica outside of the Westview “hex” as they realize that SWORD may not actually be on their side. Meanwhile for everyone else in Westview, things seem to be breaking down faster than ever as citizens seem to glitch and freeze in place the further away from Wanda they get–so, really, not great all around.

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