Watch The First Full Halo TV Show Trailer

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Gaming

During the NFL AFC Championship game, Paramount+ released a new trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series. The long-awaited adaptation will debut March 24 on the Paramount+ streaming service.

The new clip features just about everything a Halo fan could want in a true full trailer, including lots of Covenant exposition, energy sword action, Master Chief brandishing a Gatling gun, a shot at who could be the Arbiter, a number of very familiar vehicles, and, of course, Cortana. What’s Halo without Cortana keeping Chief company inside that helmet?

The trailer sets up the war against the invading Covenant, positioning Master Chief and his fellow Spartans as the last hope for the universe as they search for a Halo ring. “Find the Halo, win the war,” Chief says, only slightly sounding like he’s riffing on “save the cheerleader, save the world” from Heroes.

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